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Undertake international standard containers of various specifications

Shandong Longji Digital Container adopts the latest international process optimization design, combined with various types of advanced robots, to achieve a high degree of automation, fast production speed, and stable quality throughout the entire production line

Set an advanced example and gather strength to move forward

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Shandong Longji Digital Container Co., Ltd. has completed the selection of innovative experts and outstanding employees in the first quarter, with a bonus of up to several thousand yuan. The company hopes that the employees who are praised will continue to work hard and achieve good results, and also calls on all employees to learn from them, actively explore, work solidly, and contribute to the development of the company with a strict work attitude and a pioneering spirit of innovation 。


The company has always emphasized learning from Toyota's lean management and refuses to engage in production “Eight Wastes” ,Encourage employees to put forward reasonable suggestions, continuously improve, and save energy and reduce consumption. Through these improvements and innovations, the company has saved tens of thousands of yuan in expenses, and the employees themselves have all laughed and said,  ,“We will find ways to improve the unreasonable areas and try to save costs for the company, which is what we should do。“A gentleman is born without distinction, good and false in things” ,Learning to use external forces to efficiently achieve one's work goals is the most worthwhile thing to delve into 。



There are many grassroots cadres among the winners. They set an example, take the lead in overtime, take the lead in learning, and can provide assistance and guidance to employees in different processes in the workshop. The employees responded ,“Why don't we work so hard for someone who is better than you ?”

“A small step may lead to a thousand miles ” ,Behind the shining role models is the result of years of hard work and dedication, which is their unparalleled love for their work and career. An example is a flag, representing direction; An example is a horn, opening a new journey. Set an advanced example, gather the strength to move forward, all employees follow the example, unite, and be able to create new achievements for the company in the new year 。

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